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Bears vs Vampires Campaign1

A vampire empire is expanding towards humanity, destroying everything in it’s way. A new dark era is raging over what was peaceful one time. Humans are loosing the war, they are helpless and desperate, only a few cities survived and now they are burning in flames. Leaving their caves, bears are trying to help people in their fight against vampires. Their power is raw,  but their hearts are brave, they still have to learn secrets and tactics of war. CHARACTERS

Bears vs Vampires Campaign2

After years of delightful peace, the vampire army is preparing for a new invasion.     Mastering the secrets of the     new, advanced technology, their desire to concur the world increases from day to day. Humans and bears are building new weapons, preparing the army for the new wave.     Brave heroes are joining the forces to fight the evil, now or never! CHARACTERS

Bears vs Vampires Campaign3

Coming Soon ...

Bears vs Vampires

Humanity history as known, never disclose the fact that World have passed through different wars against bad powers which at one point were represented by Vampires Empire. During such hard times humans were helped by brave Bears to stop Vampire expansion. During the resistance against Vampires, Bears have played the key role in developing craft fight strategies and technologies. Help Bears to choose the right strategy and defend the Vampires expansion across the whole World during 3 eras: Ancient, World War 2 and Future(Coming Soon...) You are going to Rewrite the History !!!